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5 Compelling Reasons to Make Solar Energy Your Next Home Investment
29 Aug 2023

In a world influenced by global events and concerns about inflation, individuals are seeking prudent investment avenues. Is solar energy worth considering? What are the trends in inflation, and how do interest rates factor in? While the ultimate decision depends on your unique financial goals and circumstances, existing data suggests that now is an opportune time to embrace solar energy as an investment.


This article presents a snapshot of today's solar energy landscape, its trajectory, and why transitioning to solar is a wise move this year.


1.Escalating Energy Costs Amidst Stabilized Inflation Rates


Amidst stabilization in overall inflation rates, energy costs are persistently on the rise—particularly electricity costs, which have surged by 34% over the past decade. Embracing solar energy acts as a safeguard against escalating energy expenses, setting a ceiling on your monthly payments and affording you greater energy autonomy amidst market volatility.




2.Surging Demand for Solar Panels Nationwide


The demand for solar panels is soaring, signifying growth in the solar industry. What does this mean for consumers? With this growth comes an elevated demand for materials and workforce needed for solar installations. This could potentially result in longer wait times for residential solar consumers in the future. Supply shortages, similar to the temporary shortage in 2022, might also emerge.


On the upside, this demand surge will create more jobs in the solar sector. Nonetheless, there could be a lag in personnel availability as the industry aligns with increased demand. As solar transitions into the mainstream, staying ahead of the demand curve becomes a compelling reason to adopt solar sooner rather than later.




3.Transitioning from Residential to Utility Solar Dominance


As depicted in the chart above, utility solar is forecasted for exponential growth in the years ahead. For homeowners contemplating a shift to solar energy, an earlier transition might be advisable.


Currently, residential solar projects account for 31% of solar PV demand, but this figure is projected to drop to 16% by 2027. During the same period, utility solar is expected to surge by 180%. As the solar landscape evolves and demand surges, resources will likely prioritize large-scale projects. Consequently, there could be lengthier wait times and fewer panels allocated to smaller residential projects. As times change, so will the solar scenario. Homeowners should factor this evolution into their solar timeline.




4.Enhanced Resale Value with Solar Transition


Homeowners can anticipate an increase in their home's resale value, enjoying a return on investment (ROI) that outperforms many other home improvements. According to Zillow, solar panels elevate a home's selling price by 9.1%.


Furthermore, from an aesthetic perspective, solar panels have undergone a transformation. The era of cumbersome and outdated panel technology is behind us. SunPower solar panels present a sleek design through a low-profile mounting system, offering superior aesthetics alongside the market's most energy-efficient option.




5.Solar Panels as a Stable Asset in Volatile Markets


Amidst market turbulence, tangible assets like a solar panel system carry lower risk. Balancing risk against reward, physical assets entail minimal risk. SunPower solar systems boast a comprehensive 25-year warranty covering the entire system—not just the panels—ensuring asset protection against unforeseen circumstances.


When economic uncertainty prevails, investing in equities or bonds may leave one uncertain about investment account fluctuations. For those seeking consistency amid volatile equity markets, solar offers a dependable return influenced mainly by the number of sunny days per year, alleviating stress amidst economic unpredictability."

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