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Our Team

Sanjeev Kumar

Chief Executive Officer

Sanjeev Kumar is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of SunScope Group of companies. With over eighteen years of experience in business management, market strategy, business and partnership development, joint ventures, product planning, tenders, revenue planning, and estimation, Mr. Kumar has built a distinguished career.


From 2014 to 2017, Mr. Kumar served as the country manager for Westport Fuel Systems, where he was instrumental in setting up the company's operations in India. He joined Westport in 2012 and played a pivotal role in establishing their presence in the region.


An entrepreneur at heart, Mr. Kumar has been involved in the startup ecosystem, founding and contributing to the growth of four companies: eSunScope Solar, Alternative Innovations, and Jaikisaan, SunScope Technologies. Prior to his entrepreneurial ventures, he worked at McKinsey & Co. from 2008 to 2012, where he was a key resource in various knowledge domains, including renewable energy.


Mr. Kumar's career began in 2004 with Airtel. He later joined AON Hewitt, where he served in various roles from 2005 to 2008, focusing on business transition. His extensive experience and leadership have been vital in driving the success and growth of the SunScope Group.

Raed Bkayrat

Chief Growth Officer

Raed Bkayrat is a Board Member and Chief Growth Officer. He is instrumental in developing the company’s footprints in the MEAN region. He is currently the Managing Director for the Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC) in Dubai, is a senior advisor at the Alternative Energy Projects Co., the Apricum Group, and founder of Sunergy Advisory. He has over three decades of international experience in the energy sector, having worked with Multinational corporations as well as technology startups and R&D organizations.


Recently, he worked at First Solar where he was the Vice President for Sales and Business Development for MENA, overseeing First Solar commercial footprint in the region, market setup, origination, and strategy development for partnerships.

Sunil Yadev

Chief Investment Officer

Sunil Yadav is Chief Investment Officer and works closely with the investment team and provides valuable insights for fundraising. He is an appointed member of the eSunScope Board of Directors. In addition to this Sunil is responsible for market development in North America. He has eighteen years of experience in market development, business management in North America. Sunil is an innovative professional and believes in learning, understanding, and combining innovation with tradition.


Sunil has an entrepreneurial stint, and he is the founder of multiple businesses including "Jaipur Palace" in Austin, Texas wherein he tried to bring a revival of Indian cuisine in North America. He has also managed the family-owned business “MD Stone” in Rajasthan, India since 1998. Sunil is a business graduate and enjoys exploring the world in pass time.


Pavan Kumar

Chief Operating Officer

Pavan Kumar is an accomplished professional with 18 years of experience in the solar energy industry. His expertise in the field spans a wide range of areas, including EPC, O & M as well as designing and implementing solar energy systems for various applications.


One of Pavan Kumar's notable achievements is his contribution to the development of 2.8 GW worth of solar energy projects in the MENA region. He has managed large-scale solar projects from conception to execution, which has provided him with an in-depth understanding of the complexities involved in solar energy project management. Additionally, he has expertise in navigating regulatory frameworks, identifying market opportunities, and delivering projects on time and within budget.


Furthermore, Pavan Kumar is having strong interpersonal skills, including the ability to communicate effectively with stakeholders, manage teams, and collaborate with cross-functional teams. He is also a strategic thinker, capable of identifying market trends and developing innovative solutions to complex challenges.


Anil Yadav

Director Procurements & Supply Chain

Anil Yadav is responsible for Procurements and Supply Chain Management for India Office. His role & responsibilities also include key accounts management for both private and public sector engagements. Blending the best skills and technologies to create the most effective solar energy solutions for societies and builders is the main objective of Anil Yadav. He provides a critical link between engineering, procurement, and construction of plants.

Anil has over 20 years of experience in sales and supply chain management. He delivered many projects successfully for his clients. He is a postgraduate from the University of Rajasthan and enjoys socializing in his pass time.



Vaibhav Sharma

Director - Digital Solutions

Vaibhav Sharma is a computer science engineering professional with more than 19 years of experience. He oversees enhancing data security, optimizing IT operations, and enabling digital transformation. He ensures business continuity with disaster recovery plans and assesses current IT infrastructure to develop aligned IT strategies. He procures and implements necessary IT systems, enhances cybersecurity, implements IT policies, trains staff, monitors systems, and collaborates with departments. 

He has successfully developed applications to analyze sales growth and marketing strategy for established and startup firms in India, U.A.E, and Australia. His responsibilities include requirement capture, evaluating the solutions, development, testing, and implementation in the company. He also works with third parties to get the desired solutions for implementation and oversees the performance. This year he is on special drive on development of renewable energy IT Center at eSunScope wherein this IT center will focus on new and innovative solutions.

Ronak Sogani

Director – Projects & Market Development

Ronak Sogani, an accomplished Solar Energy Expert with a decade of industry experience, embodies excellence in renewable energy solutions. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the esteemed Modi Institute of Technology, Kota, Ronak has been a driving force in the solar sector for over ten years, with the last five years dedicated to shaping success at eSunScope.

Throughout his career, Ronak has led numerous triumphs across residential, commercial, industrial, and utility scales. From MW-scale ground mount installations to intricate Rooftop Solar power plants, his expertise spans the spectrum, underpinned by a wealth of diverse experiences.

In his capacity as Director Projects at eSunScope, Ronak orchestrates India Business Operations with finesse, nurturing team capacity and capability across Project Management, Operations, Maintenance, Financial Modeling, E-Procurement, and Contract Management domains. His leadership is instrumental in maintaining optimal efficiency of solar assets while consistently setting new industry benchmarks.

With a decade-long track record comprising over 150 MWp of hands-on experience across diverse projects, Ronak emerges not just as a manager but as a strategic partner in steering management and business operations towards success. As he enters his fifth year with eSunScope, Ronak remains steadfast in his dedication to driving innovation, sustainability, and excellence within the solar industry, poised to lead the charge towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

Ravi Tiwari

Regional Manager - Business Development

Ravi Tiwari is a seasoned professional with over eight years of experience in the renewable energy sector. He has recently transitioned into the role of Regional Manager - Business Development, leveraging his expertise in business development and digital strategy calibration to drive sales growth in both the Commercial & Industrial (C&I) and Residential segments.

In his new role, Ravi is responsible for orchestrating the digital strategy to optimize sales generation across various market segments. He spearheads process development within the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) division, ensuring operational efficiency and excellence. Ravi actively explores new geographies to expand the company's footprint, identifying strategic opportunities for business expansion.

With his extensive background in techno-commercial discussions, Ravi effectively engages with key accounts to drive revenue growth and foster long-term partnerships. His profound understanding of solar policies implemented across different states in India empowers him to navigate regulatory landscapes seamlessly, maximizing business opportunities.

Ravi possesses hands-on experience in utilizing Solar PV simulation software to conduct site-specific engineering analyses for solar projects catering to residential, commercial, and industrial clients. His cross-functional expertise enables him to adopt a holistic approach to business development, blending technical proficiency with strategic insights.

Prior to his current role, Ravi served as a site engineer for a renowned company, where he contributed to a groundbreaking "Cross-linear Concentrated Solar Power Indo-Japan R&D project." His exceptional dedication, consistent perseverance, and remarkable client relationship-building skills have positioned him as a standout sales professional in the industry

Mukesh Dhankhar

Manager – Operations & Compliances

Mukesh Dhankhar is working as Operations Manager with eSunScope more than 5 years he is responsible for the comprehensive management of the operations function, ensuring alignment with the company's strategic goals. Key duties include developing strategic plans, identifying and implementing process improvements, and leading a high-performing team. The role also involves managing vendor relationships, overseeing office administration, and maintaining quality control standards.

Mukesh is tasked with optimizing supply chain processes, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, and monitoring performance through key performance indicators (KPIs). They manage budgets, mitigate operational risks, and foster cross-functional collaboration with departments like Finance, Sales, and Engineering.

Additionally, the role includes HR responsibilities such as managing recruitment and selection, onboarding and offboarding employees, and conducting performance management. The Operations Manager develops training programs, enforces HR policies, and implements employee engagement strategies. They also handle compensation and benefits, HR administration, conflict resolution, and strategic HR planning to support organizational success.

Arvind Singh

Head Accounts

31+ Years of experience in Financial Accounting, Planning & Reporting in Trading/Manufacturing & Exports/Real Estate Industries. A keen analyst with a distinction of reviewing, investigating and correcting errors and inconsistencies in financial entries & documents that leads to transparency in reporting to internal and external stakeholders. Demonstrated excellence in ensuring compliance with applicable policies, contracts and regulations. Arvind has Hands-on experience in reviewing Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss accounts at group and unit level and ensuring integrity of all reported Financial Statements. Skilled in handling all accounts department, audit assignments, Income Tax / Sales Tax/GST Department/ Custom Department/Government Department.

Arpit Choudhary

Assistant Manager - Business Development

Arpit Choudhary has demonstrated exceptional dedication and enthusiasm in his role as Sr. Executive - Business Development, showcasing a keen interest in renewable energy and leveraging his knowledge of electrical systems to excel in solar technology. With a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Vivekananda Institute of Technology Jaipur, Arpit joined eSunScope India in 2021, bringing with him a strong foundation in business development across residential, commercial & industrial segments.

In his previous role, Arpit played a pivotal role in driving business growth by identifying and capitalizing on opportunities in the distributed solar market. Collaborating closely with the business development manager, he actively contributed to the management and maintenance of the digital portal for distributed solar, enhancing the company's online presence and customer engagement.

Arpit's profound understanding of business dynamics, products, services, markets, technologies, and trends has enabled him to make informed decisions and develop effective strategies for business expansion. He has exhibited a knack for learning quickly and adapting to new challenges, showcasing his versatility and agility in navigating the evolving renewable energy landscape.

Arpit's positive attitude, team spirit, and professional demeanor have earned him the respect of his peers and colleagues. His proactive approach to problem-solving and his ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams have been instrumental in driving successful outcomes for the company.

In recognition of his outstanding performance and contributions, Arpit has been promoted to the role of Assistant Manager - Business Development. In his new capacity, he will continue to drive innovation, foster strategic partnerships, and lead initiatives to further strengthen eSunScope's position in the renewable energy market.


Preeti Pandey

PV Specialist

Preeti Pandey is a highly skilled professional known for her expertise in system designing, simulation study, and remote monitoring solutions in the field of solar photovoltaics (PV). With a background in Mechanical Engineering from RGPV University, Madhya Pradesh, and a post-diploma course in Thermal Power Plant Engineering from NPTI Durgapur, Preeti brings a robust foundation of technical knowledge to her role as a PV Specialist at eSunScope.


In her previous roles, Preeti has demonstrated a strong aptitude for utilizing tools and software to support the sales team in optimizing plan sizing, assessing financial viability, conducting site surveys, and gathering requirements. Her meticulous approach and proficiency in simulation studies have contributed significantly to ensuring the successful implementation of solar projects.


As an Application Engineer, Preeti's responsibilities also encompass daily monitoring of SCADA platforms for alarms, alerts, and site issues. She excels in creating corrective maintenance tickets to track site alarms and promptly dispatching field services technicians or O&M contractors nationwide to address these issues, thereby ensuring the smooth operation of solar installations.


Preeti's commitment to professional development is evident through her recent certification as a Scheduler for Primavera P6. Leveraging this expertise, she has successfully prepared schedules for various projects, demonstrating her versatility and dedication to enhancing her skill set.


Throughout her tenure at eSunScope, Preeti has exhibited a strong work ethic, enthusiasm, and a proactive approach to overcoming challenges. Her ability to adapt to new responsibilities and deliver results under pressure has earned her the respect and admiration of her colleagues.


In her new role as a PV Specialist, Preeti continues to exemplify these qualities while leveraging her expertise to drive innovation and excellence in solar PV system design and monitoring solutions


Aditya Saini

Sr. Executive - Business Development

Aditya Saini is an integral member of our team, serving as a Sr. Executive in Business Development. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering, having graduated from Basant Kumar Birla Institute of Engineering and Technology, Pilani in 2021. Aditya's primary focus lies in spearheading business development initiatives across residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.


With a keen interest in renewable energy, Aditya has swiftly become proficient in solar technology, leveraging his expertise to drive innovation within the field. His comprehensive understanding of business dynamics, coupled with his knowledge of products, services, markets, and emerging technologies, positions him as a valuable asset to our organization.


Aditya collaborates closely with the business development manager in managing and optimizing our digital portal for distributed solar solutions. Since joining eSunScope India in 2023, he has demonstrated a strong commitment to excellence and a proactive approach to achieving our goals.


Beyond his professional endeavors, Aditya is known for his sociable nature and his ability to foster teamwork. Always presenting himself with a professional demeanor, he embodies the ethos of our company and contributes significantly to our collective success.

Pratiksha Kothari

Sr. Executive Operations

Pratiksha is a Sr. Executive in Operations. Her key responsibilities include coordinating with vendors for procuring essential components like panels, inverters, structures, and batteries, and following up on payments with clients, vendors, and the accounts department. She handles documentation on government subsidy portals and provides documentation support to the execution and sales teams. Additionally, she manages EPC and I&C vendors, tracks and reports on ongoing projects, manages project documentation, oversees general filing and clerical tasks, and assists the Operations Manager with all company operations tasks.



Deep Singh

Project Delivery Officer

Deep Singh is a highly dedicated and energetic professional with a Diploma in Electrical and Communication Engineering and 4-5 years of extensive experience in the solar industry. With a strong focus on project execution and troubleshooting, Deep brings expertise in pre-installation site visits, during-installation quality checks, and post-installation troubleshooting. His commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication ensures the successful implementation and maintenance of solar projects. Known for his dynamic approach and meticulous attention to detail, Deep consistently delivers high-quality results. His ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with clients and team members makes him an invaluable asset in driving project success and contributing to a sustainable future.

Divya Kanwer Solanki

Business Counselor

Divya Kanwer Solanki is associated with eSunScope as a Business Counselor in PV Systems. She holds a B. Tech degree in Electrical Engineering from Gurukul Institute of Technology Kota. Her primary responsibilities encompass a range of tasks crucial to the promotion and implementation of solar energy solutions. These including conducting Site Surveys.


She engages with potential clients, providing detailed information on the benefits and feasibility of adopting solar energy. This includes explaining technical aspects, financial incentives, and long-term savings to help customers make informed decisions.


Divya coordinates and conducts on-site meetings with clients from various sectors, including residential, commercial, and industrial (C&I). These meetings aim to address client queries, tailor solutions to specific needs, and ensure alignment with client expectations.


She handles customer complaints and issues, working diligently to resolve them promptly. This involves understanding the concerns, coordinating with relevant teams, and providing effective solutions to ensure customer satisfaction. In addition to her professional duties, Divya enjoys socializing and is known for her team-player attitude. She consistently maintains a professional appearance, reflecting her dedication to her role and the company’s image.

Poonam Sharma

Business Counselor

Poonam Sharma is a Business Counselor - Intern at our company, she is an integral part of our sales team, responsible for generating leads, nurturing relationship with clients and assisting in converting leads into sales. She is maintaining a CRM database by updating customer information, interaction and sales activities. She collaborates with the sales team to develop strategies for lead generation and conversion. She did master’s degree in computer applications (MCA) from Birla Technical Training Institute Pilani.