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5 Most Common Myths about Solar Energy In India
23 Sep 2023

Myth #1 • All Solar Systems Operate During Power Outages
A grid-connected solar power system will lose power during outages. Off-the-grid and hybrid systems can offer power during daytime outages, with backup batteries ensuring uninterrupted power. Backup batteries can be integrated into grid-tied systems for continuous uptime. Off-grid and hybrid systems use batteries to store solar power for use.
Myth #2 • Hotter Climates Improve Solar Power Generation
Solar panels rely on sunlight, not heat. High temperatures decrease efficiency. Panels operate at 50% efficiency during cloudy or rainy seasons. Excess summer energy can be saved as credits for less sunny periods. Moderately warm cities like Bangalore are more suitable than hotter ones like Chennai.
Myth #3 • Solar Panels Easily Suffer Damage
Bird droppings lower efficiency, but scarecrows and proper setup can prevent this. Regular cleaning every 15 to 30 days optimizes efficiency. Solar panels are durable, with toughened glass, able to withstand monkeys and storms. Workmanship affects durability.
Myth #4 • Solar Power is Unaffordable
Falling costs, financing options, and incentives make solar accessible. Property owners can benefit from incentives based on solar energy generation. Payback is typically within 5-7 years, followed by free power for 18-20 years.
Myth #5 • Solar Panel Manufacturing Harms the Environment
Solar panels usually repay their embodied energy within 3-4 years. Efficiency improvements have reduced this time. Panels offset emissions and generate energy for 20-25 years.
Don't let myths hold you back from embracing solar power's benefits!"

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