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Shigan Quantum – 210 kW

Optimal solar plant installation & operation services by eSunScope

This case study highlights the experience of Mr. Shishir, a client based in Gurugram, Haryana, who sought to install a rooftop solar plant for his factory. By choosing to collaborate with eSunScope, he benefited from their extensive services, cutting-edge technology, and industry expertise. The purpose of this case study is to demonstrate the advantages of partnering with eSunScope and inspire more individuals and businesses to make informed decisions in favor of eSunScope's solar energy solutions.


Project Name: Shigan Quantum – 210 kW


Project Objective and Goal:

Mr. Shishir had specific goals in mind when approaching eSunScope:

1. Installation Excellence: He sought an installation process aligned with industry standards and updated IEC norms, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of the solar plant.

2. Competitive Pricing: He desired a solution that offered the best competitive rates, allowing him to maximize the return on investment for his solar project.

3. Digital Tracking: He wanted a transparent and digitally enabled platform that would enable him to monitor and track the project's progress at every stage, from site survey to plant commissioning.

4. Comprehensive Services: He aimed to benefit from eSunScope's end-to-end services, encompassing consultancy, installation, and operation and maintenance, ensuring a hassle-free solar energy solution for his factory.


eSunScope Solution:

Digital Platform and Bidding System: eSunScope provided Mr. Shishir with access to their advanced digital platform, empowering him to register and explore their comprehensive range of services. The intuitive bidding system ensured competitive pricing while maintaining the highest installation standards.

Consultancy Services: eSunScope's team of experts conducted a meticulous site survey, allowing them to design a tailor-made solar solution for Mr. Shishir's factory. Their consultancy services provided invaluable guidance on equipment selection, installation practices, and adherence to industry standards and updated IEC norms.

Operation and Maintenance Services: Impressed by eSunScope's capabilities, Mr. Shishir entrusted them with the operation and maintenance of his solar power plant. eSunScope's dedicated team ensured optimal plant performance, periodic maintenance, and prompt issue resolution, freeing the maintenance team to focus on his core business operations.


Results and Benefits:

Competitive Pricing and Industry Standards: By choosing eSunScope, clients achieved a win-win situation: competitive pricing and adherence to industry standards. The solar plant installation complied with industry norms and governmental regulations, ensuring optimal energy generation and long-term reliability.

Digital Tracking and Transparency: eSunScope's digital platform empowered clients to digitally track every aspect of his project. From the initial site survey to the final plant commissioning, he received real-time updates, fostering transparency and trust. This digital tracking feature allowed clients to stay connected and informed about the progress of his solar project.

Comprehensive Services and Peace of Mind: eSunScope's end-to-end services provided clients with peace of mind throughout the project. The consultancy services ensured expert guidance and adherence to best practices. Furthermore, the operation and maintenance services ensured the solar plant's long-term performance, minimizing downtime and maximizing energy generation.



Mr. Shishir's decision to partner with eSunScope proved to be a fruitful one. By leveraging eSunScope's expertise, cutting-edge technology, and digital platform, he achieved his objectives of competitive pricing, industry-standard installation, digital tracking, and comprehensive services. This case study serves as an inspiration for more individuals and businesses seeking reliable and efficient solar energy solutions. By choosing eSunScope, clients can benefit from a trusted partner that delivers on its promises, providing optimal solar plant installation and operation services.