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Naredi TexFab Pvt. Ltd. – 550 kW

Successful collaboration for Solar Plant Installation with eSunScope

Our client, an organization interested in installing a rooftop solar power plant, initially received quotations from multiple EPC contractors. After shortlisting one EPC, they discovered eSunScope's digital portal, leading them to register and consult with our solar experts. With a focus on technology selection, industry standards, and government norms, the client successfully finalized a cost-effective BOM.

Project Name: Naredi TexFab Pvt. Ltd. – 550 kW


Project Objective:

Mr. Naredi, the owner of a factory situated in Nimbahera, Rajasthan, sought to install a rooftop solar power plant to minimize electricity costs and embrace sustainable energy practices.


Challenges and Goals:

The client's primary objective was to identify the most suitable technology for their rooftop solar power plant while adhering to industry standards and government regulations. Furthermore, they aimed to optimize their BOM and procure competitive quotations to achieve cost savings without compromising quality.



Through consultations with eSunScope's solar experts, the client gained insights into the most suitable technology for their specific requirements. Our experts collaborated with the client to freeze an advanced and enhanced BOM, meticulously considering industry standards and government norms. Subsequently, a Request for Proposal (RFP) was created, incorporating the finalized BOM.


Bidding Process:

Leveraging eSunScope's digital platform, the client invited multiple EPC contractors to participate in the bidding process. The contractors submitted their proposals through the platform, ensuring a streamlined and efficient evaluation process. Upon reviewing the submitted bids, the client was astonished to find that the EPC contractor they had initially considered finalizing offered a quote INR 15 lakh lower than previously discussed, using the same advanced BOM.


Cost Savings and Benefits:

The client's decision to utilize eSunScope's digital platform resulted in substantial cost savings. By embracing technology and transparency, they obtained enhanced quotations, enabling them to secure the services of their preferred EPC contractor at a significantly reduced price. The savings of INR 15 lakh empowered the client to allocate resources to other crucial aspects of their solar power plant project.



This case study highlights the successful collaboration between our client and eSunScope's digital platform. Through our platform's comprehensive features, the client effectively optimized their BOM, ensuring adherence to industry standards and government regulations. Furthermore, they leveraged the platform's bidding process, ultimately selecting an EPC contractor who provided the same solar power plant at a remarkable INR 15 lakh lower cost. eSunScope's digital platform facilitated transparency, efficiency, and cost savings for the client, leading to a successful implementation of their rooftop solar power plant project.