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Residential Solar - 10 kW

Transition to efficient solar energy solution by eSunScope

Client Name: Mr. Vinay Ajmera

Location: Jaipur

Installed Capacity: 10kW



Mr. Vinay Ajmera consulted our team to fulfill his long-standing wish of installing a solar power plant at his Jaipur residence. Seeking an aesthetically pleasing and comprehensive solution, he chose Bifacial modules and a walkway for the cleaning system.



Our team efficiently executed the project, providing Mr. Ajmera with an aesthetically appealing 10 kW solar power plant within 21 days.



Mr. Ajmera's solar power plant now efficiently generates clean energy while enhancing the visual appeal of his property.

We take pride in Mr. Ajmera's satisfaction with our services and continue to empower clients in their transition to efficient solar energy solutions.