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Why Choose Us

Why eSunscope

  • We give you a feasibility report of your site for free of cost.
  • We are a one stop shop for all your solar energy needs.
  • Our work doesn’t end with solar installation; we have strong policies with manufacturers and EPCs to replace, repair or refund any defective components.
  • We provide one platform with data analytics for all.
  • We provide micro-financing and sourcing for our clients.
  • We help governments, utility companies & NGOs in planning and execution of the projects.
“Imagine a click on the app and it will do all the calculations by picking up the roof information, billing information, creates a design, savings report, 3D model of the roof and opens the bidding platform for all the installers on a single platform. It will help in creating the uniformity across the city rooftops solar plants and government/NGO/utility can track the installation, quality & O&M etc. Our target is to save 40 percent time & cost of our customers”