eSunScope: Selection Phase

Selection Phase

  • Our team of experts will prepare a high standard RFP in line with Global Market Standards but adapted to local federal and state guidelines
  • We set the technical standards for solar plant
  • We set financial terms and conditions
  • We set the quality testing and commissioning standards
  • We set our online bidding platform for your requirements
  • Our pre-screened installers submit their offers online
  • Customers can view the status of the Bid online anytime but logging in with their credentials.
  • We help you choose the right products and Solar EPC.
  • Our experts will analyze the bids and compare all the bids technically, commercially and financially
  • We publish online, the comparison results in the form of Dashboard
  • Our customers make informed decision and select the Solar EPC using online Dashboard
  • Our Solar Experts are available to assist further in selecting the winning Bid and advice over the technical aspects of the bid.
  • Our team will prepare a comprehensive Contract/Purchase Order
  • Contract/Purchase Order will be approved online by Customer and Signed
  • We will deliver the customer signed contract to successful Solar EPC and fully execute the Contract/Purchase Order
  • We offer a balanced Contract for both Customer and EPC