eSunScope: Operational Phase

Solar Operations

Operations and Maintenance Of Solar Plant

Key facts

  • You spend heavily on your plant without robust O&M protocol which impacts the power generation in the plant life cycle.
  • If your system is offline and your contractor takes a week to go to the site, then your system is considered not available for whatever component in the system is down.
  • A reliable monitoring system is an absolute must for any solar asset. Monitoring and O&M go hand in hand. They are both assets.
  • Warranty administration is also a very vital part of O&M. Spare parts inventory is a must for a critical component. Approximately 40 per cent degradation has been reported in power generation in plants without a comprehensive O&M protocol in rooftop Solar Industry.

Primary causes of negative performance of the system

  • Design issues
  • Poor commissioning standards
  • Lack of Monitoring/reporting
  • Dust/soil accumulation
  • Vandalism/accident
  • Module defect

What we do

We ensure robust O&M procedures right from the Design and Engineering stage. Our team of experts goes granular in design & engineering. We work closely with our partners which results in dispatching best technicians for your roof. We leave behind the firm O&M guidelines with a commitment to adhere to the guiding principles.We ensure that sufficient industry & world adopted O&M standards, procedures & protocol are implemented in solar system design & long-term asset management through our tech-enabled solar platform. You choose us, and we work with you to achieve the following objectives:.

  • Secure your power yield in the planning phase
  • Work on design & estimations
  • Shading & layout plans
  • Frame your agreement and warranty offerings
  • Fix your O&M contracts at the initial stage
  • Supervise construction & technical acceptance
  • Monitor the plant online
  • Corrective and preventive maintenance
  • Cleaning on time
  • Backup O&M support

What you should do

  • Don’t believe a PV system doesn’t need maintenance!
  • Don’t miss the benefits of Solar power forecast
  • Don’t forget the requirement of the grid operator
  • Don’t underestimate the financials of O&M
  • Don’t rely on manufacturers/installers statement only