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Adoption Benefits

Reduce electricity bill

Electricity bill guzzles up a significant share of our monthly income and immediate reaction of any household or commercial establishment will be to start curtailing, optimizing energy loads and/or changing the pattern of energy use and sacrificing the need or comfort of the business and lives. Solar panels generate a considerable amount of energy (typically up to 40-50% of total use of the day) and can offset the conventional source of energy from the grid, which in most cases is a huge saving on energy cost. The Photo Voltaic system has 25 years of design life which can also serve the purpose for more than 30 years if maintained properly.

Increase property value

Having Solar system on your rooftop is different than owning other commercial assets like TV, Fridge etc. Solar systems are long term assets and provide tangible commercial value as well as intangible feeling of saving the environment, which can add value to your house and can help you quickly sell your home.

Avail Government incentives

Governments in many countries provide incentives to those who support sustainable development and use renewable sources of energy. This is in the form of subsidies on tariffs, rebates in federal taxes, subsidized installation cost, net metering etc.

Efficient use of roof and Land

Generally, we don’t realize that the roof can be a lucrative source of income and we often leave the roof space underutilized. Many countries support net metering and wheeling programs where you can produce electricity and sell it back to the grid. Make your roof or land a revenue-generating resource. Even if you choose to generate electricity for personal consumption, there is no need of purchasing extra land or space elsewhere as the roof space is the most efficient and suitable location to place the solar panels to ensure optimum levels of electricity generation. In Geographies involving barren lands away from the cities like deserts, solar panels can be used to generate the electricity .The generated electricity can be wheeled to places far away using a system of power lines. This way, power can be generated for urban areas where space can be expensive and difficult to find.

Predictable OPEX

Owning Solar helps you predict your OPEX for the next 25 years, which can help you plan business activities for long term and hedge part of your energy cost against the ever escalating Whole Sale Prices of Electricity, changes due to varied legislation, taxes and duties. Solar gives you partial control of your life and business. Solar systems need minimum maintenance and “no Fuel” .Hence the operating cost of Solar system is essentially flat.